grc Design 1090 x 580


  • Available in Black or Ivory White
  • 400w or 600w options
  • Supplied with two towel rails
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grc Design ® by The Glass Radiator Company.

Design 600


  • DT600 White or Black Glass Panel .
  • Two towel rails
  • Wireless remote control unit
  • Fixing template in box
  • Tough packaging
  • Lightweight design
  • Standard delivery charge included in price.


  • The grc Design electric glass radiator is a slimline product and is very light, making transport costs low.
  • The design of the remote control means that the temperature can be reduced by 1 or 2 degrees less than you would normally have to use with a conventional radiator making running costs low.
  • The grc Design electric glass radiator product only comes with towel rails, and only comes with the wireless control unit in the box so the options are limited but then this keeps the costs down as they are produced in volume.
  • This version is the 600 watt version suitable for around 10sqm and is available in Black and Ivory White.
  • The grc Design ® radiator is IP36 splash resistant and has the CE electrical certification.

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Black, Ivory White


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