grc Colour 900 x 600


  • From 300 watts to 900 watts in four sizes
  • Concealed wall fixings
  • Single and double towel rails available as optional extras
  • Wireless control available as optional extra
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grc Colour Electric Glass Radiator by The Glass Radiator Company.

The grc Colour electric glass radiator panel is made from 13mm toughened glass. The panel is intended for fixed installation on a wall, please refer to the fixing/installation information tile on the previous section. There are 4 types of panel that we offer, which can be seen below.


  • Coloured glass panel
  • Hidden wall mount supports behind glass
  • Standard delivery charge.

Towel Rails

Single and double towel rails are available which fix onto the wall fixings and wrap around the back of the radiator. Please select chosen towel rail from the options available.

Additional information


Red, Black, Green, Opal Frost, Mirror


Standard, Wireless


Double Towel Rail, Single Towel Rail, Accessories Not Required


The grc Colour ® electric radiator is available in 4 sizes with different power outputs:

grc Colour Electric Radiator Data Sheet

The grc Colour electric radiator is IP44 splash resistant and has the CE electrical certification.

The grc Colour electric heater set supplied by The Glass Radiator Company works on radiant heat rather than convection.


Towel rail – Stainless steel single or double towel rail which can be fitted to any sized grc colour radiator.

Controller Options

Standard Electric Operation – The radiator plugs directly into a wall socket and is simply turned on or off.


Enhanced controller – Wall mounted battery-operated wireless thermostat compatible with either the HGRA2 wall mounted receiver or the HGRA3 inside wall receiver.
• Battery operated.
• No wiring necessary.
• Uses RF to transmit to a receiver (2 types available below).
• Can control 50 + receivers
• Range is 100m
• Fully programmable with times of day on and off (up to 6 per day), days of week, weekend working.
• Pre-set programmes to choose from.
• Temperature range settings from 5oc to 32oc
• Battery life typically 2 years.




On-wall receiver – Wall mounted radio receiver compatible with the HGRA1 enhanced controller.
• One transmitter can control several receiver modules.
• Buttons for setting of functions.
• Reset button.
• Signal lamp indicating status.
• Audible signal in case of faults (can be turned off).
• Emergency override in case of loss of radio link.







In-wall receiver – In-wall radio receiver compatible with the HGRA1 enhanced controller.
• One transmitter can control several receiver modules.
• Inside wall receiver has more basic functions without the visible signal lamp.
• Relay output with no contact.
• Internal aerial no other wires or cables, self- contained unit.
• 48mm x 49mm.
• IP40.
• 0.1kg.
• Acoustic signal in case of loss of transmission.







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