Showrooms required Throughout the UK.

We are looking to add to our list of showrooms that can display our product. We can offer certain deals and offer leaflets and display models at a reduced discount. We do have potential customers who would like to see the product on display and so we would like to point them into the showrooms direction.

We offer a discount structure that helps showrooms compete with online retailers and other products that are available in the market and we would welcome any discussion about this.

We have been supplying the main three products that are suitable for showrooms for many years, we have a unit / warehouse, and staff in the office to assist and are not just a web based company, and feel that our products need to be seen to be sold. We do appreciate the retail market is very tough at the moment, but we do feel that we have a range of products that can encourage discussion, interest and produce a reason to invite existing past and potential new customers through the door.

If a display model is not practical for any reason, we have some new ideas which we can offer, which can help you engage with your customers.