sgg Thermovit Elegance Technical Information

Lets get technical.

The best electric clear glass radiator on the market, the sgg Thermovit is available in  6 sizes with varying outputs as detailed below; the maximum output has now been regulated to 720 watts. However the Mirastar version is made in  a different way, and the large size of the Mirastar will provide 900 watts output. Please note we are the only supplier of the 1100mm and 1800mm sizes as these are our sizes, only available to us.

600mm x 400mm 250 watts

1000mm x 500mm 500 watts

1100mm x 400mm 440 watts

1200mm x 600mm 720 watts

1500mm x 720mm 900 watts

1800mm x 550mm 720 watts


  • Safety glass
  • No transformers required
  • Max. heat output 1000 W/m2
  • Operating voltage 220/230 V
  • Thickness 13mm
  • Splash-resistant IP 46
  • Solid, stainless steel fittings

All radiators are now supplied in standard operation, which means it comes with a power lead and that is it. You plug it in, and it gets up to the maximum temperature of the panel and stays there until you turn it off at the socket or have some other means of controlling it, such as our wireless controller, please refer to the electric controller section.