grc Switch Technology

grc Switch ® Switchable Privacy Glass is composed of:

  • 2 outside layers of glass
  • 2 layers of EVA lamination in between glass
  • 1 LC (privacy) film


The LC film is a combination of two electrically conductive films, filled with liquid crystals and polymer. The first diagram shows the on state where the LC particles stand in one direction and so let light pass through and create transparency. In the second diagram the power is off and the particles are scattered into various directions, this impedes light passing through and causes opacity.


On off diagram

Technical Characteristics

Storage: -20’c to 50’c’

operation: -10’c to 50’c

Electrical Properties.

Operating voltage: 70 to 80v AC

Operating frequency: 50 to 60 Hz

Power consumption <8w/m2

Switching time <0.1 seconds

Optical Properties.

Total transmittance OFF 60% +/- 3%

Direct transmittance OFF: 0.3%

Total transmittance ON state: >78%

Haze ON state <8%

Panel sizes:

Standard sizes are 1.2m wide x 3m, however it is possible for us to supply larger sizes which reduces the number of panels required for a project. The advantage with this is that is also reduces the amount of vertical mullions needed between the panels.