grc Switch Switchable Privacy Glass -More Information

Since its introduction into the market by Saint Gobain 10 years ago, switchable privacy glass has revolutionized the glass industry and opened up the possibilities for interior designers and architects alike.

Thanks to the multiple configurations which grc Switch technology offers, a great variety of glass applications are possible.

grc Switch is available in larger glass sizes than any competing switchable glass product, any size small or large is available. With a high IP rating for rooms with high humidity levels and external glazing, you can switch on the privacy just about anywhere.

We can also combine the glass with other specialist requirements, for example fire rated glass. Please see customer photos section. Anything which is difficult then please get in touch with us.

Possible shapes:

Rectangles, triangles, squares, circles, rounded corners, custom angles and shapes, cutouts, hinges and curved. The simplest thing to do is to send us over some dimensions and we will see what we can do.

We carried out an unusual project where the top profile of a shaped piece of glass was uneven as it was part of a timber frame for a barn. The way around this was to get some mdf templates made and they were sent over to the manufacturer so the glass could be cut exactly. Pleas see the picture below:

All 5 panels were made to fit the timber frame by producing plywood templates