grc Switch Applications and Uses

There are many uses for switchable privacy glass, windows for office partitions, conference rooms, automatic or manual doors, show rooms, hospitals, boutiques and stores, restaurants or bars, bathrooms, kitchen partitions. Some of the places grc Switch can change the way you see glass.

Each glass panel can be joined together or individually switched to create an interesting room divider effect.

Please go to the customer photos page for some pictures of actual projects completed.

Supply only or supply and fit.

There is a cost element if we supply and fit, but we are seeing more and more customers who want us to do this. There are also different degrees of fitting, we can just fit the glass into existing frames, or take out the old frames and supply and fit new ones as well as the glass. We can also wire it up, however if a builder is involved with your project we are happy to work with them to supply only the glass to keep costs down.

Internal or External Glazing.

grc Switch can be used for both on the internal glazing and external glazing. The external window can be made to fit most thickness of double glazed units made in the UK. The most common size is 28mm and this fits into all the standard frames that you can get, including upvc, timber or aluminium. Typically an option that people go for is to have the outer pane of glass coated with the low ‘e’ coating the reduces heat gain inside a building.

grc Switch used as a Projection Screen

grc Switch is an optical screen which changes its visual state through electricity. By simply pressing a switch the LC film which composes the glass panel changes from transparent to opaque allowing it to be used as a high definition retro projection screen. Our products quality is so high that it is currently used by television studios to project images and to make the glass transparent.