grc Treesse

 We visited the factory a few years ago and was struck very much about the history behind this small factory in Venice using hand made Murano glass, and the culture of the what they do and how they work with glass was facinating. Stuck down some side streets in mainland Venice the factory traditionally has made ceramic products, inlaid with Murano glass, as well as beautiful lampshades and glass sculptures. They layer the glass several times and lay platinum, 24 carat gold leaf, and other precious metals between the layers to form the designs.  As each design is fired in the ovens it can vary the colour, and so each piece is unique.

If you see later down the photos, there is a glass horse, quite bizarre but they make anything that is really unusual, they are real craftmen in what they do, and make many things, but the Treesse range that we offer has many complimentary items that allow you to co-ordinate a scheme. Please ask for more information, or click here for their very large brochure. It is about 10mb but should load really quick.

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