grc Theme ® range – CGI room designs


The manufacturer of our grc Theme ® range of radiators has produced a series of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) graphics for many of the products that we offer. We thought that it would be really useful to show these to you so you can see how effective the grc Theme range of radiators can be in a particular design. Although obviously not to everyone’s taste, the following images show what can be done by carefully selecting the right colour and size to fit within the overall design of the room, and in particular the choice of colour can make the radiator a main feature of the design for the room, in fact appearing like ART.

We have CGI room designs for grc Birbon ®, grc Artin ® with integral mirror, grc Sangu ® room divider, grc Feldin ®, grc Tenu ® and grc Pearl ®.

grc Birbon ®.


On the previous pages we re-iterated that we really like this product, we are soon bringing out horizontal and double width versions. The room situations below give some ideas on how it could look and again you can order a one off colour from us at no extra cost.







grc Artin with integral Mirror:

This is a computer generated graphic to give you an idea on how the radiator may look by choosing the right colour and the right application.




grc Sangu wall divider.


We really like the wall divider as we can produce these radiators in any colour, they can really make a difference to a room design. Please find below some ideas.

































grc Feldin.



grc Tenu.



grc Pearl.