grc Mix designer radiator-new for 2013

The grc Mix is part of our grc Theme range of plumbed in radiators. The main theme of them is that you can individualise any of the radiators in the range by having any RAL or SP colour you like, so you can order one. However the grc Mix allow’s this tailoring to be taken even further by being able to choose individual panels.

Any colour is available to make your radiator unique and to fit into any scheme that you design. What is really different with this one is that you an mix the colour of the panels. It is an aluminium based radiator which means it heats up quicker than a traditional steel one and this product is not expensive at all starting at £584 inc vat and delivery.

This radiator is only one height at 545mm high, but is available in lots of widths between 560mm and 1820mm. Please refer to the online catalogue.  Outputs from 1911 BTU’s to 6210 BTU’s.

The second feature is that instead of having a solid panel, you can have one with a slot in it, or you can have all of the panels slotted, same price.

grc Mix white radiator with fucia coloured panels

grc Mix white radiator with fucia coloured panels


grc Mix with green panels


grc Mix .... or mix it up with different colours...

grc Mix or mix it again with every panel different,...



grc Mix with slots