grc Theme stylish radiators.

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The grc Theme ® range of radiators are beautifully engineered, finely detailed and individual radiators, you can have any colour and order one. The range solves a few design problems that customers have when designing a space. We have unusual products such as the grc Inside ®, and grc Outside ®, which as the names suggest, are radiators to fit around small corners which you often get in bathrooms. We have another product called the grc Ladder ® which is only 200mm wide and is ideal for very small spaces, and yet the common Theme of what we can offer throughout the range is a choice of colour. If you do not know what colour you want, the standard radiators are supplied in white and are in stock. To powdercoat a radiator will take a couple of weeks to do. Not all of the radiators are available as electric convertions, some are available as horizontals and some vertical. The grc Birbon ® below, has a double version, but it is so heavy you would never fit it on the wall so it comes with a free standing integral frame and has some legs sticking out of the bottom to support the weight. Please as for our more detailed brochure to be emailed or sent to you.

grc Theme

order any colour to make your radiator unique to you.

add a splash of colour, over 300 colours to choose from

add a splash of colour, over 200 colours to choose from

As with all of the grc Theme ® radiators, you can order a quantity of one, to any RAL colour making purchase a very unique experience and personal. If you do not know what RAL means then this relates to an industry standard way of matching colours, and there are over 200 of them to choose from and cards are readily available on the internet. We do not stock anything, so you are not stuck with standard white, and every single radiator is made to your specifications. The standard costs (available on our online ordering site- click the buy now button on the left of the page), are based on any RAL colour, but we have a whole section of SP (special) colours which can offer a textured finish, and we have interesting colours such as antique gold and silver, making your radiator as individual and unique as we can.

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grc Birbon

grc Birbon


The picture above shows one product the grc Birbon ®, please go to the other pages for more photographs and descriptions of the product range.

This range of traditional designer radiators are in line with our philosophy of simple and unique designs which are well engineered and detailed in their construction. Available in most RAL colours and some are available in chrome, we have a wide selection which should meet most customers designs.

Some grc Theme ® radiators are all plumbed in, some are available as dual fuel, and some are available as electric conversions. A more detailed technical catalogue is available please ask for details.