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The Art of Heating

A picture is worth a thousand words, and what better way to express yourself than with your own personalised work of art.

A truly unique designer radiator. grc RadArt changes everything.

grc RadArt is an efficient and powerful radiator with a beautiful picture on the front. You can have and image – absolutely anything!

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You can choose an image from our gallery or pick an image of your own. If your stuck for inspiration, we can help. We also have the portfolio viewer on this website, please go back to the previous menu.



In 2008 the original designer for the Radart product David Mankin, came up with the idea as a very practical solution to a common contracting building problem. Fed up of having expensive designer radiators damaged on site before completion David came up with the idea of a two part radiator which as well as solving a practical problem, allowed the potential for introducing art into a scheme.

On larger commercial projects the central heating system and pipework is normally tested long before the floorboards go down, or concrete is pored so that the integrity of the plumbing can be tested. Unfortunately once the radiators are fitted there is still the risk of potential damage due to the finishing trades coming in after the plumbing has been tested, and of course this does happen. Our Radart product comes in two parts, the conventional radiator part which is a normal radiator, albeit to our design, sizes and fixing methods on it, and the glass panel. The idea is that all of the building work can be completely and once all of the trades have left site, the glass panels can be screwed into place as the final finishing touches to the scheme.

We used to offer acrylic and non toughened glass in the past, but now we only offer toughened for increased durability, non toughed is cheaper but will show marks in due course. The printing inks we use have a 5 year guarantee against discolouration and in time this may happen, but the beauty of the system is that if you want a different image, you just order one, without having to disconnect your radiator, 2 minutes and the panel can be removed.

Over the years the original suppliers for the plumbed in parts have changed as there were some initial problems, and now we control the quality of the printing in the UK locally to us and despite a few copies that have come onto the market our product is still the original and the best.