Electric Controllers

We have decided to standardise on the method of controlling all our electric radiators, which we detail below. The controls work with the sgg Thermovit, grc Wave and grc Treesse. They also work will all of the variations of each of the product ranges, such as the mirastar as well as the clear for Thermovit, and the Solid colour, Mirror and Marble versions of the Wave.

All radiators are now supplied in standard operation, which means it comes with a power lead and that is it. You plug it in, and it gets up to the maximum temperature of the panel and stays there until you turn it off at the socket or have some other means of controlling it, such as our wireless controller below:


A new wireless controller has been developed by Saint Gobain and all new panels being shipped are supplied with these new controllers. 

sgg Thermovit Elegance Controller

There is the option to have the receiver either wall mounted (HGRA2) or fitted inside the wall cavity or socket inside the wall (HRGA3).

The SGG Thermovit Elegance remote controlled versions are the best options to have as they maintain room temperature. The temperature required in the room is programmed into the remote control unit which may fix to a wall, and this unit will vary the output of the radiator in order to maintain the room temperature.

The remote controlled version is also cheaper to run as the radiator will switch off if not required therefore saving energy.

Care must be chosen to select enough radiator panels to heat the correct amount of space in the room, it is always better to have more radiators than to few, as then the remote control unit will be able to maintain the ambient room temperature more easily than the to few radiators being on at maximum all of the time.

Each room or seperate area to be controlled will have its own remote control unit to control that area which may consists of more than one panel to heat the room. If in any doubt please contact us.

Wireless Receiver

There are two types of reciever available, same price, and it is down to personal preference and also as to whether the Thermovit is being fitted as part of some building works. The easiest type of reciever is the wall mounted one, which sits by your power supply, or behind the panels of the radiator. The power cord from the panel connect to the receiver, and then the other side has the power from the socket fed to it. The controller then talks to the reciever switching on and off, measuring the ambient room temperature at the controller. (So the controller should really be in the middle of the room)

HGRA2 Wall mounted receiver

HGRA2 Wall mounted receiver


 The inside cavity wall reciever is quite small, and it can fit inside a standard wall cavity, connection is basically the same as the wall mounted version except you do not see the receiver mounted on the wall. Both controller and recievers  come with full instructions and we are always available to help..


HRGA3 Inside wall cavity receiver

HRGA3 Inside wall cavity receiver