GRC Clarity Heated Windows Technology


Sandwiched between two pieces of tempered glass is where all the clever stuff takes place. On the inside pane is a thin film invisible to the naked eye. A small electrical charge applied to the glass causes electrical resistance which generates heat.

The outer pane has another invisible coating which reflects the heat and prevents it escaping.

This energy efficient electric heating produces radiant heat. Radiant heat is felt by you directly, similar to the way the suns rays warm you on a sunny day. Heat is absorbed and retained by the objects in the room so the temperature remains comfortable and you feel warmer.

In the colder months GRC Clarity keeps the room insulated and cosy, while keeping the room cool during the hotter months.

Use less energy.

Radiant heating works within minutes of the system being turned on. Compared to traditional convection heating systems which warm the air, radiant heat warms you and the room directly. Possible to decrease the room temperature with 1 to 2?C with no loss of comfort. Lower temperature – lower energy use. 

Healthier heating.

Radiant heating causes no air current so no drafts, meaning any dust and allergens in the room are not blown around. Great news for allergy sufferers. The clever reflective layers within the glass also reflect harmful UV rays so you can enjoy the sun without the damaging effects.

Say goodbye to condensation.

A major problem in bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and swimming pools. Not only does this spoil the view out, but moisture damage can be a real problem. GRC Clarity completely eliminates condensation and icing.

In safe hands.

The tempered glass panes are 5x stronger than typical window glass, and won’t shatter if broken. Your home security system can be connected and in the event of a break in the alarm will be triggered even before the inner pane of glass is broken. The electrical components are completely hidden making them tamper proof.