grc Clarity

Heated Glass

Its cold outside, but your heated  windows keep you warm within.

grc Clarity® Heated Glass Windows: a whole new radiant heating system supplied by The Glass Radiator Co. Your windows can be used as the main heating source in your home.

This electronically heated clear glazing system efficiently heats your room and uses less wattage to achieve temperature than equivilent heated window systems – so it costs less to run and has a lower purchase price than our competitors

Heated glass technology has been around since 1957, the company was bought by Saint Gobain in 1995. Saint Gobain is the largest manufacturer of glass in the world and also produce our high quality SGG Thermovit Glass Radiator using similar technology.

This energy efficient system has an amazingly low U-value – far lower than is required by current regulations – and the glass is so insulating it can open up new opportunities for architects and specifiers when designing a new building.

The effect of having a glass window producing energy that reflects back into the room is that instead of having a heat loss, which is a major factor in calculating the SAPP ratings, it produces energy into the system, and in it’s energised state, even with a small amount of power, it provides a thermal barrier between the inside and outside elements. There is a very small amount of heat loss, but this is minimal as the heat generated on the inside of the inner pane hits the inner side of the outer pane and is bounced back into the room.

The challenge at the moment is to have an installation assessed that can be used to demonstrate the benefits of heated glass, it is why the emphasis now in modern houses is to reduce the size of the windows, is because even with a upvc ‘a’ rated window, you still get lots of heat loss through the frame and glass. You can have really good insulating walls, but the heat still dissappears through the windows.

Heated glass can allow you to increase the amount of natural light you can get into a building, introduce heat, and provide a true thermal barrier between inside and outside spaces.

Say goodbye to radiators and hello to heated glass.