Saint Gobain has recently brought out the next generation of sgg Thermovit Elegance Diamant clear glass radiators, and The Glass Radiator has been involved with some of the changes that were made.

Two years ago the Managing Director of the Glass Radiator Company went over to the factory in Germany to see the developments and changes that were planned. The new development is a more robust paneled radiator with slightly different circuit design in the inter-layer film and the development of a new wireless control system.

The development is a natural progression in improving reliability and quality in the production process and is fact the new model of the sgg Thermovit Elegance.

The new wireless controller is simpler to operate and resembles a more conventional heating system controller, and the wireless technology with it has been thoroughly tested in Germany as you would expect before being released to the European market.

New receiver options.

There are two types of receivers, an in-wall receiver which can fit inside a wall cavity and be completely hidden from view, or if this is not possible the an ‘on’ wall receiver is available where the radiator supply can be connected to.


HRGA3 Inside wall cavity receiver

HRGA3 Inside wall cavity receiver



HGRA2 sgg Thermovit Wall mounted receiver


New Programming unit.

The unit is simple to program and defaults to a set number of programs that can be changed. One controller can operate any number of radiators, but in the same way the old one works, it measures the temperature of where the unit actually is. So it needs to be in the center of the room with radiators spread around it in order to measure the ambient room temperature properly. Although it will still work if you stuff it in a drawer, it will measure the temperature inside the drawer and switch the radiators on and off accordingly.


sgg Thermovit Elegance Controller


Other electric radiators.

We are so pleased with this controller that we offer it with our grc Wave, grc Treesse electric, and our new grc Radart electric (coming shortly)

Are the old controllers still available?

The short answer is no they are not, and the old receivers and transmitters will not work with the next generation of sgg Thermovit controllers. As the Glass Radiator Company is the only company that is allowed to change the electronics on the panel in the UK, there are still some possibilities that may be able to be done depending on what any possible issue is. The trick is to pick up the phone and talk to us.

We do not actually get many problems in relation to the amount that we have actually sold, but we take each issue seriously and report back to the manufacture so they can continually improve the product.