grc Outside designer radiator-new for 2013

The grc Outside is part of our grc Theme range of plumbed in radiators. The main theme of them is that you can individualise any of the radiators in the range by having any RAL or SP colour you like, so you can order one.

Any colour is available to make your radiator unique and to fit into any scheme that you design. What we like about this radiator is that many bathrooms are small and have odd shapes. They often have to hide stack pipes in the corners and by the time you have space for basins, baths and shower units there is not alot of space left. By using one of our clever space saving designs you can fit more into your bathroom. We have the one below which is the grc Outside, but also have grc Inside, grc Ladder, and the grc Servu ranges. Prices from £498 including vat and delivery.

Available in plumbed in or electric versions, contact us for details.

This radiator varies from 465mm high to 1545mm, and in width of 305mm  x  305mm.  Outputs from 889 BTU’s to 2789 BTU’s.


grc Outside