grc Sangu designer radiator

The grc Sangu is part of our grc Theme range of plumbed in radiators. The main theme of them is that you can individualise any of the radiators in the range by having any RAL or SP colour you like, so you can order one.

Any colour is available to make your radiator unique and to fit into any scheme that you design. There are lots of ways to use the grc Sangu, and the manufacturer has carried out some Computer generated visuals to give potential customers ideas about what can be done. Please refer to the menu showing CGI room sets.

This radiator has several widths varying from 360mm to 680mm and 5 heights from 1140mm to 1780mm.  Outputs from 1402 BTU’s to 3808 BTU’s.

The radiator is available in three styles, vertical, horizontal and as a vertical room divider, using it like a Chinese privacy screen. Please refer to the links below to see more pictures and a bit more detail.



Please click here for the grc Sangu Horizontal page and pictures, along with outputs.


Please click here for the grc Sangu Vertical page and pictures, along with outputs.


Please click here for the grc Sangu Wall Divider screen page with pictures and further outputs.


Please click here for more CGI views of the grc Sangu.