Horizontal grc Radart Mini ®

Horizontal grc Radart Mini ®

Glass fronted plumbed and electric designer radiators

We are the original designers of glass fronted radiators and have been making them for many years. We have a new design of glass fronted radiator, that is available plumbed or electric, as well as the usual variants of picture images from our large gallery, mirror versions and plain RAL colours.

We have many years experience with controlling the quality of the images and printing, and this is what we bring to the design of the grc Radart Mini.

The grc Radart Mini does not have the full range of sizes that our main grc Radart product has, and the glass panels are not interchangeable, but the grc Radart Mini provides different options for customers based on price and performance. Between the two ranges there is no compromise on the print quality and the ranges compliment each other.

  • toughened glass
  • originally designed by The Glass Radiator Co.
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting – no special construction
  • Electric version produces radiant heat.
  • high quality printing
  • 150+ designs
  • Any colour, any image, mirror
  • 5 year guarantee

Dimensions, Power Outputs and Weights



Power (w)





Weight (kg)

1000 x 500 electric





1000 x 500 plumbed



1220 x 600 electric





1200 x 600 plumbed



1520 x 600 electric





1520 x 600 plumbed



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Electric version:

The electric version has an innovative touch screen control that is embedded into the glass and print, it is clear and responsive, illuminated and has pre-programmed settings.  Control is one touch, allowing you to set the temperature of the glass radiator and the built in sensors control an even heat output to maintain the room temperature.

A wireless remote controller is provided within the cost for easy 7 day programming. All of the radiators have an anti-freeze setting that protects the room from falling below 5 degrees, plus a drying function which switches the unit on for a pre-set time of 2 hours.

The radiators are IP24 rated which makes them water resistant so they are perfect for wet rooms and bathrooms.

Plumbed version:

The new design of back panel that connects into your central heating system is of a completely new design for the grc Radart Mini. It uses an aluminium heat exchanger using very low water content that allows it to react quickly to temperature changes. The whole radiator is much lighter than our premier product, the grc Radart. The product is also corrosion resistant as the matrix is made from aluminium  rather than steel and has been tested to 10 bar pressure, most homes run well under 5 bar.


There are two, a towel rail available in two lengths and a dressing gown hanger, great for bedrooms and en-suites.