grc Privacy automatic window blinds mains control

Connection to home automation system.

It is possible to connect the control of the automatic window blind system with an automatic controller that can link into any home automation system. Controlling one or more blinds simultaneously or separately is quite difficult to do without this module.

Control module

Control module

Wireless remote control.

Requires the control module above and there are options on the amount of blinds that can be controlled. The handset can control 4, 8 or 12 blinds.

Membrane controller.

This discrete controller fits onto the window and controls an individual blind module. There are two versions, one that is singular and one that is a group version that can work with a number of blinds at the same time.

Membrane controller

Membrane controller with venetian blinds

There is a large choice of blind types, the solid slat type being the most common, and many colours are available. Another type of internal blind is a pleated blind that has more privacy. It is also possible to have a blackout blind material which is a very useful feature to have. With switchable privacy glass although you get privacy, the switchable glass still lets light through so the degree of privacy is different.

Membrane controller

Membrane controller with pleated blinds