sgg Thermovit ® Elegance Diamant Clear Glass Radiator

Diamant Red Bathroom


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The sgg Thermovit ® Elegance Diamant Clear model is the classical version of the sgg Thermovit Elegance Glass Radiator range. Many have tried to copy it and have been unsuccessful, the clever part is that the heating film between the two sheets of glass has no buzzbar connections around the edge of the glass panel, so it looks completely clear. The power connection is only via the connection point on the front of the panel. It’s exceptionally clear glass ensures total transparency and clarity and is very popular where you do not want your interior space to be dominated by traditional radiators. Many applications are in bathrooms, where you can have expensive wall tiles and see them through the glass without having a solid object as a radiator. The Diamant Clear glass radiator lends itself to any application, we have supplied them for staircases, apartments, houses and bathrooms. The panels are best position on a wall and the fixed feet versions have been discontinued, however there is a small stock available so please contact us. The  Stainless Steel fittings, and the extra towel rail accessory turns this stunning radiator into a heated towel rail.

The sgg Thermovit Elegance Diamant version that is remote controlled is the best option to have as it maintains the ambient room temperature. The temperature required in the room is programmed into the remote control unit which may fix to a wall, and this unit will vary the output of the radiator in order to maintain the room temperature.

The remote controlled version is also cheaper to run as the radiator will switch off if not required therefore saving energy.

Care must be chosen to select enough radiator panels to heat the correct amount of space in the room, it is always better to have more radiators than to few, as then the remote control unit will be able to maintain the ambient room temperature more easily than the to few radiators being on at maximum all of the time.

The wireless thermostat controlled version regulates the room temperature, ensuring maximum comfort and efficiency, the standard version can simply be turned on and off at the socket.


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