Customer Photos and Comments

We always aim to make our customers happy with our service and with the products we supply, and it makes us happy to get comments back from satisfied customers. There are many websites and airbrushed photographs on the internet, but these are real photographs supplied by customers so may not be the best, but they are real. Please find some customer photos of sgg Thermovit Elegance radiators and grc Radart, we are working on the grc Wave ones at the moment.


  • The mirror looks really very good. Client not one for saying how pleased they are but I would know only toooooo quickly if they were unhappy. But all I can tell you is that Nick and I think it looks great. And as I have said several times, a pleasure working with you guys.
  • They are FABULOUS and I am now really considering buying a lot more for the rest of the flat.
  • The service was excellent and all my needs were identified, agreed and  accommodated….not to mention the price.   Both were excellent and that’s why i placed the business.
  • I would buy again from your company for individual rads. To heat a whole room or whole building. Your rads are streets ahead of any competitors in looks and performance so I would probably decide they were worth the money in comparison!
  • I liked the fact that the mirrored radiator has clean lines, one continuous mirrored front  (no joins between the heating part and the mirror that are visible when you stand in front of it ). The valves and pipe work is in line with the radiator and are minimalist.
  • I bought your rad because I could use my own graphics whereas most of the competition only had default selections.
  • I am absolutely delighted with my radiators. Radiators often don’t add anything of aesthetic value to a room and most people want them to be unobtrusive. Your radiators are fun and act as a piece of art work. Everyone who has seen them has been amazed by them.

Thank you to all our customers who have sent us photos and comments. Please email comments and photos to